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In this page we’re going to deal with music related to Ireland.

We have chosen some emblematic bands and singers and they are ordered chronologically.

But first of all, let’s start with a small introduction.

Irish Music is the generic term for music that has been created in various genres on the island of Ireland.

The indigenous music of the island is termed Irish traditional music. It has remained vibrant through the 20th, and into the 21st century, despite globalizing cultural forces. In spite of emigration and a well-developed connection to music influences from Britain and the United States, Irish music has kept many of its traditional aspects and has itself influenced many forms of music, such as country and roots music in the USA, which in turn have had some influence on modern rock music. It has occasionally been fused with rock and roll, punk rock and other genres.

by Adrián Lasa, Gabriel de Cos and Cristian Saiz.


The Corrs is a traditional Irish band that combines it with pop and rock. The band is made by four brothers, Sharon, Caroline, Andrea and Jim Corr. This band started in the music world because their parents were musicians and they taught them since that they were young. They got hits very soon and made some concerts. When their mother died, they tried with new sounds, but it didn´t have much result.
After four years without composing, they released “Lanzanborrowed Heaven”, it was a traditional old song sang in Gaelic. After they released a summary album that they recorded with famous artists. They have got some prizes in 2005, but at present they are in a pause.

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